Arcane Order


It is from the Library that the government of Magrathea rules. This government, calling itself the Arcane Order, is made up of a council of mages who vote on various initiatives and laws, perform magical as well as mundane experiments, and maintain the historical records and magical defenses of the city. As a whole, the Order is known to be coldly intellectual and particularly indifferent to plights of the common folk. Individual members have been known to be cruel, malicious, and unbelievably corrupt.

The councilors of the Order are not elected by the people of Magrathea – One must possess at least a small amount of magical power and be voted onto the council by existing members. This doesn’t sit well with the ungifted individuals in the city, and their inability to do much about that situation is often a point of contention.

More than a few times this has boiled over into all out rebellion, but since those acts have almost always been put down swiftly and in particularly blood fashions, that’s quite rare now. Instead, it often just manifests as a marked disrespect for the Order’s laws and declarations.

The Arcane Order has held fast to its military and political power mostly due to something called the Spell Pool. This is a giant ball of pure magical energy locked within the half-spherical structure at the center of the Library. Simply put, the Spell Pool can be drawn upon by mages of the Order to bolster their individual power, or it can be used by the Order to do extremely powerful magical rituals that no one magician would ever be able to alone.

The Order has other tools of control as well, such as the Spell Wards. These magical wards essentially prevent or negate the casting of various types of spells throughout large sections of the city. With the Wards, they are able to control the flow of magic in the city and determine who can wield what powers by divvying out various trinkets which allow bypassing of the Wards’ restrictions. Stolen trinkets have great value in the city’s seedy underbelly, and consequently those with more powerful trinkets are often targets for theft or worse.

Arcane Order

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